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There are few people in this world who don't mind the sight of a needle being plunged into skin.

Phlebotomists are some of those people.

Phlebotomists are trained to collect blood samples for lab analysis, doctor's offices, hospitals/emergency rooms and blood donation centers.

Phlebotomy training in Hattiesburg, MS

Phlebotomy training in Hattiesburg, MS, Find a school and classes.


Antonelli College   1500 North 31st Avenue   Hattiesburg   MS   39401

Antonelli College   1500 North 31st Avenue    Hattiesburg   MS   39401

Healing Touch Career College   4700 Hardy Street Suite H-1   Hattiesburg   MS   39402

In the medical industry phlebotomists are an integral part to an efficient and organized practice. Without phlebotomists there would be no way to tell an individual's blood type, or if that individual had a blood-born disease or illness.

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